The Gypsy Quilter Wool Pressing Mat


The Gypsy Quilter wool pressing mat is made for 100% premium felted wool

How to use a wool pressing mat.

Place sewn quilting block or any other item requiring pressing on the block Press as usual with iron.  The density of the high quality felted wool quickly presses both sides at once with no shifting or distortion. This mat can be used on any surface with a dry iron or protected surface if you using steam.

Use to block knitting as well

Tips and Tricks 

  • Avoid placing pressing mat on a cutting mat.  Any heat transfer could warp the mat.
  • Safe surfaces include Formica, Corian, Stone and Metal. 
  • A wool mat is a handy pressing tool when kept close to your sewing machine.

How to Care for your pressing mat

Occasionally rinse your mat in cold water and hang to dry.

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