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Embroidery Digitizing Tutorial Floriani FTC-U Workshop 01 DVD A Guide to Floriani Totol Control U


Brand Floriani

 This is a great how to video for the FTC Embroidery Digitizer. The best part, when you purchase the digitizer from us you will receive 2,999 points that you can put towards this product.  That is $149.95 in points so you pay $0.05 for this product.

Trevor Conquergood has become an educational leader in the industry with his online workshops, and now he joins with Floriani to bring out the best in embroidery software.  Join Trevor as he guides consumers through the Floriani Total Control U to turn its wonders into their own creative toolset & technique. But wait, the education won’t end there.

In addition to the video, this DVD will also give owner’s membership to 12 of Trevor’s monthly classes online. Attend classes live or download videos afterward to enjoy in their own time, all included with the purchase of the DVD.

Floriani Total Control U embroidery software sold separately.

Includes: DVD includes Quick Start Guide and *12 monthly
classes membership. (*Membership allows you to attend
live classes or download them to your own device.)

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