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Floriani 120 Colours Thread Set 3


Brand Floriani
SKU: F120TS3

In addition to the Floriani 120 Spool Thread Color Spectrum Collection and the Floriani 120 Spool Thread Set 2, this new 120 Spool Thread Set helps complete the Floriani line of color! Now you can bring an entire rainbow into your sewing room with this gorgeous set! By having this thread set, you will be able to implement double and split complementary colors, as well as square and triadic colors. These color schemes will offer new ways to bring your designs to the next level! Get the excellent results you deserve with these carefully organized, unique thread set!

PF0001, PF0003, PF0006, PF0008, PF0009, PF0013, PF0014, PF0018, PF0100, PF0111, PF0116, PF0117, PF0127, PF0130, PF0141, PF0145, PF0147, PF0153, PF0155, PF0161, PF0172, PF0180, PF0184, PF0186, PF0188, PF0193, PF0194, PF0196, PF0201, PF0203, PF0222, PF0223, PF0228, PF0243, PF0244, PF0245, PF0247, PF0261, PF0277, PF0310, PF0312, PF0314, PF0333, PF0334, PF0335, PF0361, PF0364, PF0368, PF0372, PF0383, PF0384, PF0392, PF0411, PF0413, PF0415, PF0424, PF0433, PF0434, PF0456, PF0487, PF0488, PF0503, PF0516, PF0523, PF0531, PF0532, PF0533, PF0537, PF0560, PF0571, PF0591, PF0594, PF0612, PF0624, PF0663, PF0665, PF0672, PF0673, PF0674, PF0676, PF0695, PF0696, PF0700, PF0715, PF0721, PF0723, PF0731, PF0733, PF0735, PF0737, PF0738, PF0741, PF0743, PF0753, PF0755, PF0778, PF0783, PF0785, PF0792, PF0811, PF0813, PF0815, PF0844, PF0900, PF1011, PF1085, PF1107, PF1120, PF1904, PF1910, PF2040, PF3335, PF3435, PF3871, PF3878, PF4251, PF4321, PF4575, PF4613, PF4835

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