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Emerald Stone - Box of 10 Fat Quarters


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AGF has created a collector’s box of fabrics like no other! The fabrics are hand-picked for makers to use in a multitude of creative projects. An explosion of colour and design made of unique groups of AGF’s signature quality cotton paired up with an original and collectable box made exclusively for them!

From light to dark, this box contains a group of fabrics with one ruling colour!

Hand-picked for makers to use in a multitude of creative projects, these groups are cut to perfection. From quilting to sewing, these fabrics are perfect for any kind of crafty project, and they’re ideal to fill your fabric supply with everyone’s favourite colours.

• Perfect for colour-obsessed quilters, sewists & makers!

• Balanced in value & colour

•10  FAT QUARTERS in each box

• Featuring fabrics from all AGF Designers.

Ideal for Gifting as well

BOX DIMENSIONS: 11" long x 6" wide x 2" high

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