In the age of COVID there are far too many small businesses, restaurants etc... that are on the brink of permanent closure and their ability to hang on is totally dependent on their local customers.  For these people their life savings and their sole went into the making of their business.  Why did they do it? Because they wanted to contribute to their town and beyond.  They wanted to give people another option.  They wanted to make a difference.  Small business entrepreneurs are the heart and sole of any town and any city.  Without them every city and every town is the same.  You have your walmarts, your McDonalds, your Tim Hortons and so on.  

I don't know about you but when I visit a town, I want to experience what the locals experience.  I seek out the best local restaurants.  I look for shops that are unique because that is where the heart of the town is.  I love to talk with shop owners about the things they sell and how they got started and why.   I love to hear the stories because that is what makes it unique.  These shop owners love to tell their stories because for them it's not just a job.  It's their life.

Here in my hometown of Windsor Ontario Canada we are fortunate.  Our City and local area is rich with Artisans.  We are known for our local restaurants, wineries, breweries and local shops.  If you are looking for a special handmade gift you can stop by the Urban Art Market where local artisans sell their handmade products.  By the way, If you are ever in the Windsor or Kingsville area, I strongly suggest stopping in.  We have some extremely talented Artisans in this area that offer up everything from leather goods to jewelry to paintings just to name a few and it's all under one roof. It's an amazing place to do your Christmas shopping. These are the obvious places to shop however if you look on Etsy or search for local online businesses you might be surprised at what you will find in your local area.

Now more than ever small businesses need your help so before you go out and buy that gift for a friend or that new throw pillow for your sofa please stop and ask yourself the following questions:

who am I helping?  What contribution am I making to my community or other communities?  Is this what I want to support? Is this an opportunity to shop small business?

Trust me, your contribution to small will be far more appreciated by small business owners.

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