How to Hand-Dye Fabric Part 2

Read How to Dye Fabric Part One first.

So now you have let your fabric set for at least 24 hours in the dye solution, so you are ready to start the rinse and wash process.  For this part you will need a container of cold water and a container of very warm water (or your washing machine) and you will need your rubber gloves to protect your hands from the dye.

Step 1

Add your Reactive Dye Fixative  into the cold clean water container according to the directions on the bottle and mix.  Remember a little goes a long way so (1/3 oz per pound of fabric). 

Step 2

Add your fabric to the container and swish the fabric in the container then let sit for approximately 20 minutes.  This step is very important to prevent excessive bleeding of the dye.

Step 3

Now you are ready for the final step which is the wash out.  This part can be tedious but important.  Take your container to the sink (preferably not a kitchen sink) and start to rinse your fabric in cold water.  I usually just empty the container that the fabric is in of all water and then I keep refilling and emptying until the water runs clear and then I ring out the fabric.

Step 4

This is the final step and you have some choices on how you want to do this.  You can now add the blue Dawn liquid detergent to the warm water container and wash the fabric and rinse it that way or you can cheat like I do and just the fabric it in the washing machine.  I usually put just a little Blue Dawn in the wash and another cap full of the fixative in the fabric softener dispenser and run my machine on delicate and then throw it in the dryer so the heat sets the dye.

So there you have it.  My secrets to success.  By the way if you are doing quilt art and you want a multi-colored fabric you can mix a few different colors of dye and add them to squeeze bottles and squeeze the dye directly onto the fabric.

You can also poor dye mixture directly onto dry fabric in a container as long as the dye is completely dissolved.  

Each method yields different results. I am absolutely loving the results of the hand dyed double gauze fabric in fushia pink.  This fabric has yielded the best results so far.

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