Getting started with Acrylic Painting

There is just something about painting that takes me away from the stress of everyday life.  I learned to paint a bit when I was in secondary school however, I struggled with it and eventually gave up.  Then recently, after watching several episodes of Bob Ross, I decided to give it another try.  I had always worked with oil paints in the past but this time I thought I would try something different and move to acrylics.  I liked the fact that they are water soluble so that meant easier clean up and no smell.  I needed to learn how to use acrylics so I set out on a google search and there I found my new teacher, Angela Anderson.  She has become the inspiration behind my paintings.  Angela has a unique approach to her teachings and its simple, she explains what she is doing and why while she is demonstrating.  What I love most about painting with Angela is her detailing.  She breathes life into every painting. Angela does live tutorials several times a week and has now started a beginners painting class.  

If you are thinking about learning to paint you are going to need some basic supplies.  There are many brands of paint and brushes available and your choice should depend on your budget.  If you are just getting started Monte Marte is an affordable brand that will get you into the basics that you need in brushes and paint.  Monte Marte canvases however, are perfect for all skill levels and I strongly recommend you give them a try.  Monte Marte canvases are affordable and perform very well with acrylic paint.  Don't forget to check out Angela.

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