Welcome to our Loyalty Points Program

Here's How It Works

  • When you open an account with us you are automatically signed up for our Artisans Loyalty Points Program and you will receive 50 bonus points just for creating an account.
  • Every time you make a purchase from our store you earn one Loyalty Point for every dollar you spend.  Loyalty points have a redemption value of $0.05 per point.


Purchase of $50 will earn 50 points.

50 points x $0.05 = $2.50.  Those points may be redeemed on your next purchase or you may wish to let them add up.

Other Ways to Earn Points

  • Receive 50 points on your birthday
  • Share our products on facebook and Twitter for 25 points
  • Follow us on Instagram for 25 Points

Our Referral Program

Did you know that you can earn 100 points when you refer a friend who in turn makes a purchase.  Your friend will receive a code for 20% off of their purchase using a referral code. They must spend over $10 to qualify for $20% off.

Redeem Your Points

Coupon Rewards may be redeemed as follows:

100 Points = $5.00 off

200 Points = $10.00 off

300 Points = $15.00 off

Loyalty Points cannot be traded or redeemed for cash.