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Why I love Quilting and You Should Too

My sister-in-law says that quilting is my crack.  I think she makes a very good point.  So I decided to come up with a list of reasons why you should quilt.

To relieve anxiety.  Quilting requires total focus therefore it tends to quiet the mind.  It is being used more and more as a form of therapy for people who suffer from anxiety disorder.

To stimulate Creativity.  This isn't about right or left side brain domination as some may believe, but rather more about using the entire brain to create something that is pleasing to the senses.  Regardless of the quilt pattern you are working with, you will have to decide on colours, size of quilt, type of fabric.  In order to this you must visualize what the finished product will look like.  This is where you get to add a bit of you into the project.

To socialize.  Quilt classes are offered in every city and they are a great and safe way to meet people.  More and more men and young women are taking quilting classes so we are starting to see a different trend happening from the traditional women's quilting bees. 

To learn a skill.  Quilting is all about measurements and angles.  Technique is everything in quilting.  When I first started quilting all I knew how to work with was 45 degree angles.  The skills that are learned through quilting can be easily transferred to so many other projects.  They are skills that can provide future income as well.

Think about it, have you every heard anyone say I tried quilting and I hated it?


November 26, 2017 by Denise Bellaire


Barbara C Jordon

Barbara C Jordon said:

So true

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