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For anyone who is just getting into embroidery or who may be thinking of creating their own embroidery designs for personal use or to sell, it can be a confusing process to figure out exactly what you need.  So I am going to give you the coles notes version of what each of these products can do.  Let's start with embroidery editing software because that is kind of a natural progression once you have learned how to machine embroider. 

Embroidery editing is the process of taking an existing embroidery design and changing some of the features of that design.  Editing software will allow you to combine more than one design, change the size of a design, change the thread colour or the stitches of a design.  You can also add lettering to an embroidery design with editing software.  I like to think of editing as a way of getting your feet wet in the embroidery design world.  For many embroiderers, this is enough.  For those who want to create their own designs, you will need embroidery digitizing software.  

Digitizing software will allow you to create your own design from start to finish.  While there is a bit of a steeper learning curve on digitizing software it has the ability to turn a drawing into a beautifully stitched embroidery pattern.  You can turn a logo into an embroidery design or create a design from scratch.  

There are a good number of brands of digitizing and editing software on the market today as the number of home embroidery machine sales continue to rise and the demand for embroidery designs increase.  The ones that have been recommended to me and the ones that I use are Sew What Pro for editing and Floriani Total Control for digitizing.   A bit of a disclaimer, I do sell Floriani Total control in my store and I truly stand by this product but If you are in the market for a digitizer I urge you to take the time to research the products that are out there to help you determine which product is best for you.

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