What is Osnaburg Fabric?

Here is a bit of history on this wonderfully sturdy fabric.  Named after the city of Osnabruck Germany where the fabric originated, Osnaburg was originally woven from flax yarns and the fabric was imported to Britain.  In the late 1730's Scotland began to weave an imitation of the Osnaburg fabric with a linen cloth and exported the fabric to England, the Netherlands, and British Colonies America to be used for sacks, utility cloth and slave clothing.  Due to the affordability and sturdiness of the fabric sales increased from the original .5 million yards in 1747 to 2.2 million yards in 1758.

Fast forward to 2019, Osnaburg is now woven mainly from cotton.  It is a loosely woven fabric with incredible strength and is used widely for quilting projects, crafts, handbags, table decor, pillows, doll making and period costumes.  

Osnaburg is sold mainly in its raw form and colour.  However, this fabric is available on our website in many hand-dyed colours.  I have included some photos of the hand-dyed fabric and a project that I have completed using the fabric which I absolutely love to work with.  To learn more about our Osnaburg fabric visit us Hand-Dyed

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