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Dee's Tips and Tricks for Beginner Quilters #3

Pre-wound Bobbins - the greatest invention since the sewing machine.

Dee here from The Artisans Gifting Company and for me these little babies are worth their weight in gold.  Of course, you can do things the traditional way and pre-wind several neutral coloured bobbins before each of your quilting projects or you can purchase the pre-wound packages which will save you time and go further.  I personally do not like winding bobbins so my go-to alternative for all of my sewing projects is QS Class 15 pre-wound bobbins which come in 10 packs.  They are available in 40 colours in Class L or  Class 15.  I prefer to stick to the basics of black, white, beige and grey.  However, if you are using them for quilting you may want to think about which colour works best on your quilt backing.

Denise Bellaire

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